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There are sooo many awesome things I can say about Coach Crystal!

Coach is very compassionate, caring, focused, and give the ultimate support tailored to One’s need(s). She’s very knowledgeable and helpful in so many ways then one. Coach doesn’t pry,  she allows you to open up, and become comfortable on your time which exemplifies her patience on not rushing the process.


There is not one time I can say, Coach Crystal was not there for me. She truly goes above and beyond her calling. Last but not least, her walk of faith is admirable and her prayers are everything. I just truly appreciate Coach Crystal for keeping me encouraged and pushing even when I was at the point of quitting. Coach Crystal is a gem!


May God continue to build her and direct her path in every area of her life. I recommend her to anyone who needs a mentor, prayer warrior, coach, and/or simply someone who keeps it real and pushes you to keep it moving and motivated!!! Thank you Coach for being simply YOU!!!


E. L. Tensley


Simply put Coach Crystal is the real deal and will help you get to your goals and more.

She is the best and deeply cares about her clients.


I truly believe that Crystal’s heart for helping people shines bright wherever she goes! Crystal was more than just a fitness coach she modeled what it looked like to prioritize your mind (mental health), body (physical health), and soul (spiritual health).


Where Crystal’s light shined I couldn’t help but admire and desire to have some of that juice! Her authenticity allowed me to see a side of her that was human. She wasn’t just someone who led you to believe her victory was without overcoming obstacles. When I wanted to quit she took the time to listen. I was for sure I wanted to end my fitness journey and instead of directly telling me I shouldn’t, she gracefully encouraged me to reflect on the thoughts and feelings that led me and continued to lead me in the direction of giving up on my fitness goals.


Not even ten minutes after our phone call past before I reached back out to let her know I couldn’t give up on myself again. I say all of this to say that Crystal could have just encouraged me not to give up on my fitness goals but she didn’t stop there! Her desire to see all of her clients succeed and maintain there progress pushes her to look further and make space for the underlying needs of each person she comes in contact with. I couldn’t have imagined starting my fitness journey with any other coach.    T.C.



The meaning of a Mentor (or Coach) is one who is an experienced and trusted advisor. This definition falls short when describing Mrs. Crystal Brooks… or either she far exceeds it. The definition does not include Mrs. Brooks enthusiasm when it comes to assisting you with your goals or her accountability to hold you accountable for the goals you set for yourself. She is constantly and consistently affirming your ability to accomplish the tasks you set. Along with this affirming comes constructive (yet positive) feedback when Mrs. Brooks knows your best efforts aren’t present. Mrs. Brooks Invests her time in learning you and your habits and realizing what your truest potential is. This allows her to easily identify areas that can use improvement and knows when your strides needs praise as well.


The definition of Mentor doesn’t highlight Mrs. Brooks ability to be relatable, sincere and genuine. Often times we can feel like our situation or circumstances are unique to us only. Mrs. Brooks is very transparent with her own triumphs and tragedies in her personal journey. It’s comforting to know that you are confiding in someone who understands the very journey you are taking and lets you know that there is light, progress and success in the coming days.


The definition fails once more by not mentioning how you have a support system for life and how you begin with a mentor but end with a friend. Mrs. Brooks’ guidance long exceeds the time frame that you are together. She continually checks in with you to see how you have grown, how your personal goals have changed and evolved and just how you are doing in general.


Simply put, Mrs. Crystal Brooks is a Mentor/Coach Extraordinaire, that’s how I define her.   C.R.

Coach Crystal is simply amazing! You will always receive A1 Service with her. Best decision I've ever made.   Y.F.

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